Fighting Zombies to Boost Your Brain?
Local 4 - Detroit

Fiona says the video game, called "Project Azriel," has made her smarter.

"When I took the IQ test, I was 97, and then I took the IQ test again, and I was 102," said Conrad.

Zombies Can Make You Think Better How a Game Can Build Your Brain Foreword by Dean Takahashi Lead Writer GamesBeat Magazine

Interview with Project Azriel Developer Chuck Terzian 
Spectrum 360 - Clearwater 

Mark Skogman of the Spectrum 360 Radio Program interviews Chuck Terzian, one of the developers of Project Azriel.  The interview begins 31 mins into the program.

"This takes the stereotype of videogames and turns it upside down and shows that not only can video games have a positive impact but they can have a profound impact."

GamesBeat Summit Article 2: Summit's Ligthing Round's Message: 'You Matter, Your Work Matters'
Mike Minotti - GamesBeat Magazine

Deanna Terzian is the president of the educational gaming company CurriculaWorks. Her company made a game for the military that promoted brain training. It also happened to involve shooting zombies. But Terzian said that it helped users engage in the game. Making it exciting and fun made them more likely to train for longer hours.

Gaming the System: Why the Military Embraced Game-Based Learning and the Classroom Has Not
Dean Takahashi - GamesBeat Magazine

Deanna Terzian has been working in education for three decades. But at our recent GamesBeat Summit 2017 event, the president of educational gaming company CurriculaWorks was able to sum up one of her big lessons in five minutes.

Deanna Terzian's Lighting Talk on Game-Based Learning 
GamesBeat Summit 2017 

Deanna Terzian of CurriculaWorks talks about why the military embraced game-based learning but the classroom has not.

"Imagine if we could create the tools that get the balance right…  they’re research-based, they integrate the learning into the training, and they measurably build skills.  They’re also highly motivational but that’s reflected in the results not the game wrapper."

Shhhh….Don’t Tell the Kids – Zombie Video Game Can Train Their Brain to Think Better 
South Florida Reporter

“The goal with the Project Azriel game is not to entertain you but to ‘enter-train’ you. In Project Azriel, you use your mind to take down zombies and train your mind, so you don’t become a zombie yourself. Project Azriel demonstrates that an immersive video game can be an effective tool for brain training that increases fluid intelligence,” said Terzian.

Can the Navy’s Million-Dollar Zombie Game Turn You Into a Supersoldier?
Benjamin Soloway - Foreign Policy Magazine

The purpose of the game is to increase the player’s “fluid intelligence” — “the capacity to think logically and solve problems in novel situations.” The company says that 165 paid participants in a randomized and blinded efficacy study saw their Matrix Reasoning Score, which measures fluid intelligence, go up by an average five points after playing for a minimum of 16 hours. And 85 percent of those subjects played 25 percent longer than they were paid to play, according to the company.

Project Azriel Bulletproof Brain Training

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