"The true sign of intelligence is not knowledge but imagination." 

-Albert Einstein

Dare to take on the tough learning challenges, strive to improve to be your very best, and we will help.  For 15 years, Curriculaworks has created innovative learning tools that have faced the toughest challenges.


Curriculaworks’ core competency is building adaptive research-based learning software that works effectively in authentic education and operational environments.  All of our products are built from a foundation of research, led by imaginative R&D teams that understand how to bring theory into practice in robust learning tools.

In 2011, Curriculaworks joined a consortium sponsored by the Office of Naval research that included the top researchers in the field of neuroscience and a few select companies who were tasked with the challenge of R&D of cognitive trainers that work effectively for trainees in operational environments in order to help trainees learn more in less time through rigorous, highly engaging cognitive training.  PROJECT AZRIEL is our answer to that challenge.

Our imaginative team of researchers, developers, and trainees are proud to present a cognitive trainer that takes a unique approach to training, fusing seamlessly the training and the entertaining. We invite you to join us on our quest to create a new generation of cognitive training tools. Together we can make training impactful and fun.

Deanna Terzian



Project Azriel Bulletproof Brain Training